title page and table of contents template. chapter titles and subtitles revision.

  • August 6, 2018

This weekend I’ve been working on completing a new draft of my chapter 1 and on writing my conclusion. I hope to send the new draft of chapter 1 and a draft of my conclusion to my supervisor by tomorrow evening. I also plan on posting them here tomorrow evening as well.

I’ve created a template for my title page and table of contents (click here). Once my thesis is completed, I’ll just need to update the information. I know the title page and the table of contents are often things left to the last minute, so I thought having templates might elevate some of the pressure I feel as the submission date gets closer and closer. (25 days left!) 

I’ve also created a file with all of my chapters titles and subtitles (click here). I want to make sure my chapter titles and subtitles are cohesive. I figured seeing them all laid out side by side would allow me to easily edit them for cohesiveness. 


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