the end of an era: tinder.

During my Master’s, I decided to link my blog to my Tinder profile. Because I was researching what happens when different publics intersect, and because my blog hosts all of my thesis drafts, and because I was using my blog as a tool to track my progress during my MA, I thought it would be an interesting experiment. What happens when Tinder meets Academia?

Whenever someone on Tinder started a conversation by referring to my blog, I would screenshot their message.(You can find the results of this experiment here and here.)

While working on PhD applications, I attempted to do something similar. I wanted to track the progress of my PhD applications on my blog and link my blog to my Tinder profile. And although I did so, I didn’t update my blog as diligently as I did in my MA. Nevertheless, below you can find the screenshots of that experiment! 

I should add that I did end up applying to five PhD programs, and I have accepted an offer of admission to the University of Toronto’s Department of English PhD program.   

Also, I have recently delete Tinder, which means, my Tinder experiments have now come to an end.

Thank goodness.