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cyborg manifesto.

Today I read The Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway.  For my notes, click here.  For an online PDF of The Cyborg Manifesto, click here. Natalie 

poetry is the new pop.

Rupi Kaur was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon. The first thing she says, "I thought I'd have to become a pop-star or an actress to get here!" Fallon is quick to note that "poetry is the new pop."   What seems to excite Fallon about Kaur is exactly what seems to…

chewing it over.

On August 31st 2018, I’m hoping to submit my MA thesis. Since part of my project looks at the ways social and digital media can blur the lines between different publics, I thought this site could both work as an extension of my thesis and help me experience what I argue. …