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part 2 – academia and chill: a digital and/or social experiment

Tomorrow, I will be talking to the class I'm TAing for about my "Tinder Experiment." Below is some of the theory I will be referencing and the screenshots.      Jacques Rancière - Dissensus and Politics of Aesthetics The distribution of the sensible is  what  Rancière defines as "our definite configurations of…

it’s the thesis that never ends.

I just realized that I never posted the final version of my thesis. The one I submitted to uOttawa after I applied the changes requested by my examiners. So here it is: The Poet as Activist in Experimental English-Canadian Poetry. Natalie     

University of Toronto’s Book History & Print Culture Colloquium.

  On Saturday March 23, 2019, I will be presenting a paper at the University of Toronto's Book History & Print Culture Colloquium. The title of the colloquium is "Mad, Bad, and Dangerous Texts:Controversies in Reading, Writing, Editing, and Printing." Below are some of the images I will be referencing. …

academia and chill.

I will be talking at uOttawa's English Department Graduate Students Association Winter 2019 Works in Progress Talk on February 12, 2019. I will be talking about my ongoing project, Academia and Chill: A Tinder Experiment. These are the screenshots I will be referencing.