chapter 1 draft 1 & introduction draft 1.

  • July 27, 2018

If my laptop crashing has thought me anything, it is that you can never save your work in enough places or have enough backup hard drives. 

I am someone who always uploads my work onto Google Drive. However, ironically, the times that my laptop has crashed and has had to go in for repair was always right before I planned to upload my work to Google Drive.

So, I guess, this site has now become a place for me to archive my work. 

The first draft of my introduction (click here) and the first draft of my chapter 1 (click here) and) are now uploaded. Chapter 1 is “incomplete.” I am still working through the argument. It is the chapter that it is giving me the hardest time. I still need to finalize my introduction, but I will do so once all my chapters are finalized. 

I hope to have the next draft of chapter 1 posted  by August 10th 2018. I hope to have the next draft of my introduction  posted  by August 15th 2018.


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