BKS2000H Final Paper Proposal Presentation: Gift Economy, Anarchy, Archives, and UbuWeb


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“UbuWeb’s large, boundary-blurring archive of the avant-garde necessarily alters what is meant by avant-garde, a term saddled with the legacies of patriarchy, hegemony, imperialism, colonization, and militarization.…When you assemble a collection of the avant-garde, you run the risk of replicating everything wrong that is associated with it. In response, we deployed impurity as a way of muddying, détourning, and playfully reimagining the avant-garde, twisting and warping the rigorous, hard-baked grids of modernism into something more fluid, organic, incorrect, and unpredictable” (About Us, UbuWeb)

“UbuWeb is a purposely unstable library, a conflicted curation, an archive assembled by embracing the fragmented, the biased, the subjective, and the incomplete” (About us, UbuWeb)

“UbuWeb can be construed as the Robin Hood of the avant-garde, but instead of taking from one and giving to another, we’re giving to all. UbuWeb is as much about the legal and social ramifications of its self-created distribution and archiving system as it is about the content it hosts” (About Us, UbuWeb)

Potential Avenues of Research UbuWeb

Although I am still working through what I want to argue, I am interesting in looking

(1) at the ways UbuWeb is or is not a digital archive;
(2) at the ways it participates in gift economy;
(3) at the ways it potentially disrupts or mimics avant-garde philosophies;
(4) at the ways it is or is not limited as a digital archive;
(5) and at the ways it disrupts or mimics ‘traditional’ and sometimes problematic concepts associated with archives.

Inspired my Joel Harrisons article, “Web Poetics and the Gift Economy: Nzepc, PennSound and UbuWeb.”


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