The Far-Right, New Terminology, and the Power of Absence (working title)

Thesis: HELP!

I want to look into the ways social media has given the far-right the space to create new terminology while policing and censoring the left. This dynamic is the same in the ‘real world’ i.e. the non-digital world.  I suggest that the terminology created by the far-right is often (if not always) offensive and derogatory towards those who are not white, cisgender, male, able-bodied, neurotypical, straight, and/or of European descent. In other words, the terminology created by the far-right often upholds imperialist and patriarchal values. On the other hand, the terminology created by the left are words created to explain lived experiences and identities that have often been excluded from hegemonic narratives. Furthermore, in my essay, I also want to look into how the new words created by the alt-right work as ‘sign-posts’ to their members, thereby allowing them the opportunity to create networks.  Contrarily, the left has to find ways to subvert the act of being censored and are not so readily given the opportunity to create new words and to form communities. I suggest that the left subverts being censored by politicizing their ‘absence.’



The alt-right is creating its own dialect. Here’s a complete guide — Quartz
Far-right extremists appropriate Indigenous struggles for violent ends – High Country News


Nikhil Sonnad and Tim Squirrell highlight that the term “femoid” was created in March 2017 and first used on Reddit. It is meant “to describe women as sub-human or non-human” (Squirrell).





Shina Novalinga

Throat Singing video:
Video discussing censorship:

Potential Outline 

  • Set-up the argument by discussing the Capitol Riots or maybe the Land O’Lakes butter logo change 
  • Discuss social media surveillance policies
  • Discuss how the alt-right is given the space to create terms like femoid 
  • Discuss how the term settler is misunderstood
  • Discuss how Indigenous culture is policed / censored
  • Discuss how the ‘left’ highlights their censorship as a ‘push-back’ tactic (glitch feminism)
  • Conclusion


My current sources
Sources suggested to me by Professor Percy (thank you!)


  • Am I trying to do too much?
  • Am I trying to connect ideas that are not at all connected?
  • Should I focus on a different alt-right term than femoid? 
  • Should I focus on a different ‘leftist’ term than settler? I thought about Karen. 
  • Do you think I should simply focus on the words being created by the alt-right and what it means that they are given the space to do?
  • Should I focus on the term “settler” alone? 
  • Does anyone know any concepts that can help me tie together what I am trying to do? 
  • Is it productive for me to frame this as ‘left’ versus ‘right’? I don’t think so. For example, many Indigenous activists work outside this political framework. 
  • What do we think of my potential outline?