3 Ways Create Better CYBORG, PSEUDONYM, PILLAGE LAUD With The Help of Your Dog

Tomorrow, in one of my classes, I will be presenting on Pillage Laud by “Erín Moure.”

As the title page notes, “Pillage Laud selects from pages of computer-generated sentences to produce lesbian sex poems.” Since this is a quick, low-stakes presentation, I thought it would be fun if I experimented with technology for this presentation.

I put the paper I planned on reading in-class tomorrow through an online text reader. Below is the result.


Fun fact: the title of this presentation (and this blog post) was created by a online title generator. It asked me to enter key terms. I entered “cyborg,” “pseudonym,” and “Pillage Laud.” It gave me 300 titles. I asked a friend to choose a number from 1 to 300. They chose 173.